Miles Brown – ‘Speaking In Tongues’, from The Gateway

Miles Brown – ‘Shudder Speed’, from The Gateway

Miles Brown – ‘Feeder’, from Séance Fiction 

Miles Brown – ‘Reef’, for Earfest 2020

Miles Brown – ‘Apparition’, from Séance Fiction 

The Night Terrors (featuring Miles Brown) – ‘Megafauna’, from Pavor Nocturnus: Composition for Grand Organ, Theremin, Electronics and Percussion 

Miles Brown – ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ (Bernard Herrmann) for Mondopalooza 2020

The Narcoleptor – ‘I (excerpt)’, from The Narcoleptor EP

Mary Doumany: harp, Miles Brown: theremin

Heirs (featuring Miles Brown) – ‘Hunter’, from Hunter / Symptom EP

Miles Brown – ‘Night Time’ (The Strangeloves). LZX video synthesizer pattern synthesis by Kurt Medenbach of PAL Visionary