The Night Terrors – ‘Levitation’, from HYPNOTICA – Composition for Theremin and Electronic Music Synthesizer

The Night Terrors NINA Sessions. ‘Trance Encounters’ and ‘Dreamboat’ from Hypnotica recreated live using the NINA synth by Melbourne Instruments.

Featured track: ‘Otherworld’ from The Gateway

Catch the full segment at ABC iview

‘Speaking In Tongues’, from The Gateway

‘Shudder Speed’, from The Gateway

Test driving the new updated Moog Etherwave Theremin for Audio Technology Magazine.

Featured track: ‘Peak Body’ from The Gateway

Miles Brown  – ‘Reef’, for Earfest


The Night Terrors – ‘Megafauna’, from Pavor Nocturnus: Composition for Grand Organ, Theremin, Electronics and Percussion

‘Feeder’, from Séance Fiction 

‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ (Bernard Herrmann) for Mondopalooza

‘Apparition’, from Séance Fiction

The Narcoleptor – ‘I (excerpt)’, from The Narcoleptor EP

Mary Doumany: harp, Miles Brown: theremin

Heirs (featuring Miles Brown) – ‘Hunter’, from Hunter / Symptom