Classical harp virtuosa Mary Doumany and cult thereminist Miles Brown (The Night Terrors) present an exciting new experimental collaboration – The Narcoleptor.

Utilising the rare combination of voice, post-Celtic lever harp and Moog theremin (in conjunction with broken analogue electronics), the duo warp all rules of consonance and harmony to explore a completely free and constantly shifting sonic landscape. The Narcoleptor presents a stunning psychotropic journey through the wonderfully weird, careening past sonic touchstones from horror soundtrack, dark ambient, circuit-bent psychedelia, modern classical focus and avant-goth catharsis.


Transmogrification LP

Mary Doumany and Miles Brown  bend minds even further with this extraordinary collection of thrilling microtonal hypnotica. These fearless musicians combine the unique sounds of their iconic instruments to create a constantly mutating musical netherworld – shifting through phases of delicate neoclassical beauty, heavy analogue abstraction, hallucinatory horror soundscapes and sonic spirals out into the beyond.
Deluxe limited edition heavyweight black vinyl 12” LP. Cover collage and design by Luke Fraser AHR+, photography by Hana Schlesinger

The Narcoleptor – s/t debut 12″ EP

The Narcoleptor’s self-titled debut 12” EP features two sides of wild experimentalism that push beyond the established musical realms of harp and theremin and into brave new sonic territory.

Deluxe limited edition 12” 45 rpm black vinyl EP, with art and design by Luke Fraser AHR+. Includes a bonus full-colour A3 portrait poster by Hana Schlesinger. Limited to 150 copies.

Video directed by Jenna Eriksen.