Australian theremin player and composer Miles Brown celebrates the 100th anniversary of the theremin with his 2nd full-length album THE GATEWAY – out now on Death Waltz Originals.

Released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the instrument, THE GATEWAY features theremin in the extraordinary realm of high-energy post-Italo electronics. For this newest collection of original works, Brown transports the instrument to the heart of the dance floor – reimagining its mysterious interface as an electro-magical conduit for the opening of forbidden portals and the summoning of subversive spirits.

THE GATEWAY also features a contemporary expansion of the classic theremin sound. Brown plays the Moog Etherwave Pro theremin in two ways – employing both its familiar heterodyne voicing and possessing a range of analogue synthesisers via control voltage technology. This groundbreaking combination presents a fresh voice and thrilling new context for the world’s oldest electronic instrument.


1. Summon Chanted Evening
2. Shudder Speed
3. Speaking In Tongues
4. Exorcise Routine
5. Peak Body
6. Phantasma
7. The Gateway
8. Otherworld

First Vinyl Pressing Info:

Death Waltz Mondo exclusive LP
Blue Monday, Purple Rain and Pink Cadillac Splatter *LTD to 250 copies*

Death Waltz Australian exclusive LP
Lurid Purple and Pink Swirl *LTD to 250 copies*

Cover art by Luke Fraser / AHR+